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I am Beverly, and this is my journal where I write about my family and our adventures in the sandpit.


  1. Greetings!
    Thank you po for visiting my blog.
    Congratulations din po sa inyo. :)

    Natutuwa lang ako, regarding sa "Igorot". Nung nag-transfer ako ng school from Baguio to Manila, karamihan sa klasmeyts ko ang tawag sa akin ay Igorot. I don't know if they were mocking me or what, pero I felt proud na may pagkakakilanlan ako. They even drew pictures sa blackboard tapos magtatawanan. Although, I actually don't have an Igorot blood... I made to a point na I am proud that I was able to mingle with them. One of my mom's bestfriend po kasi ay Igorota.

    Sa katunayan, ang username ko po talaga sa blogosphere ay taga-bundok. Pero, dahil na rin po may tumatawag sa akin ng animus kaya isinama ko na ito as part of my username.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas to you and your family. :)

  2. Just one look at it and I love your blog :) Everything is neat and delicious.
    Keep it up. And I hope to visit it more often...

  3. Hi! I am Earvs and I'm currently doing my MA Thesis at UP Open University. I would like to ask if you're willing to be one of my participant bloggers. My thesis shall focus on OFW bloggers. I've already contacted PEBA and you're one of the winners last year. It would be good if you'll be part of my landmark research. Please do email me at ecabalquinto@gmail.com.

    Thank you very much!

    Nice blog! =)

  4. Hello to all here, I stumbled to this B-log by chance of luck looking for understanding about the true nature, past history of the Igorot Civilizations that flourished thousands of years before Spansish/chinese/Belgian/American etc... colonized the Igorot Eegions of the BIBAAK REGION of the Philippines... Can anyone point me to a credible reference(s), hopefully unbiased educational resources for LOOKING UP the 'ORIGIN' of the the word 'IGOROT', who coined that word and why?....

    Thank You for a well informed, entertaining and educational B-log....

    God Bless Us All..

    rod s.

  5. Hi Rod S,
    I wonder where you are currently located? I ask because I now could only refer you in each of the cultural museums in the Cordilleras, which maybe the most accessible would be Baguio or La Trinidad. Searching for the individual websites of these to get their contacts would be be worth it if you look forward at credibility.

    The quickest I recall as online possible source would be the Igorot Global Organization. If you could try John Dyte at jdyte@yahoo.com, he might have soft copies for you. (PS, I saw his contact online, and I havent asked him before sharing his contact here :))

  6. while your son is kalel my daughter is Lanna as in Lanna Lang, the pretty girl friend of kalel. nice names, no beautiful names.

    I have been to Baguio once and I hardly spell the name of the province all the time. I fancy wearing the Igorot dress and accesories.

    we have the same fear, alzheimers.

  7. this corner is awesome!

    I remember my aunt telling me the story of people thinking that we igorots have tails -- uhm duh!

    hahaha, ignorant fools.

    with that thinking, they would never know when an igorot would be standing in front of them due to the absence of a "tail". :/ pssshhh

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