Karl Christian Golucan -- another Igorot in PGT 3

August 21, 2011

Manny Pacquaio is said to like training in Baguio for one because Baguio residents (a majority being Igorots) are known not to run, flock and scream at the sight of local/ national celebrities. Celebrities could at least walk the streets with less nosy crowd.

 This practice stems I guess on the Igorot culture of equality among humans, and the highest form of respect or admiration is given to the elders and to those who practice good wisdom. Also, when I was younger English movies were more patronized than local ones, hence less interest on Filipino celebrities. One runs the risk of being laughed at when he/ she shows excitement at a celebrity.

But I guess the scene is now changing as even Igorots are now taking interest in being seen on national television. Consequently, it's heartwarming, and I think the most important in the experience to witness the Igorot community come as one to support whoever gets the courage to go onstage. After all, it's a chance to uplift the wrong and negative notion on Igorots.

Who is Karl Christian Osong Golucan?

 A Facebook account on his name says he graduated from Easter College in 2007 and currently a  Faculty member at Saint Louis University's School of Nursing.  (Hey, it's Igorot nurses on the singing break isnt it, starting off with Ingrid Payaket?)

And he is the vocalist of 13th Issue, a band based in La Trinidad, Benguet who are into the rock musical genre.

KC got chinky-eyes which imposes as his prominent Igorot physical feature.

Here's KC's audition piece at Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3. Notice Kris' and Ai-ai's faces:


Way to go KC! All the best!

Karl with 13th Issue

 From Waldo's facebook account, here's Karl Christian with his 13th Issue bandmates. 
I sneaked into the band's facebook account, and here's something from their info page:

January 1, 2005
Personal Information
*Waldo Beswilen - -GUITARS
*KC Golucan - -lead VOCALS
*Barney Jones Joven - -GUITARS
*Parker Depayso - -BASS
*Christian lee Kiat-ong - -DRUMS
Personal Interests
Playing great tunes and rockin this free world!!!

To all of those who want to invite us sa mga gigs or gstong mag hire samin kahit anung ocasions man yan..we also do weddings depending on what type of songs u want...just txt or call: 09083589058(Smart) or email me at waldobeswilen@rocketmail.com...thanks
we would be really grateful....\;;/,

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