Igorot Got Talent

April 12, 2010

Am I one hell proud Igorot and Lousian watching this audition of Ingrid Payaket at Pilipinas Got Talent.

I still have ill hangover against a Filipino blogger who amidst almost 300 comments in two years against her (ooops my nastiness ahead) un-civilized/ un-professional/ ignorant Igorots remarks, remains unwilling to concede to her arrogance.

Go Ingrid go, show 'em we Igorots are humans too and we got talent =) .

Matago tago tako!

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  1. wow she's really good! the tfc here has been taken out about a month ago kaya wala na tuloy kami updates about this show =)

  2. @mumsified - we're on Pinoy Channel kaya hindi ko rin alam about Pilipinas Got Talent until yesterday =) , I saw this somehow in FB...

  3. I have missed two Saturdays of Pilipinas Got Talent already. Thanks for sharing the vid. =)

  4. Galing! She sings and acts well. Thanks for sharing.

  5. oooh yeah. i watched this :D

  6. Wala akong makitang video! I tried to refresh the page pero wala pa rin waaaaaaa. Hanapin ko sa Youtube. Try mo ang www.hayag.com , may live streaming dyan ng ABS CBN. Pinaalis ko na ang TFC at orbit ko dito sa bahay at hayag.com na lang ako nanonood.

  7. @wits and @keith - most welcome =)

    @ Misalyn, that time yata nagkatechnical issue ang youtube. Hopefully ok na.

    One site added to our list ulit, thank you =) www.pinoychannel.tv at ww.ebenta.com naman kami dati.

  8. Thanks for sharing the video sis. I've fun watching it. Her voice is so amazing! Pwedeng panglaban internationally! I hope she wins! My bad, I wasn't able to catch this in TV because I rarely watch TV nowadays. Thanks for making a post about it. She's definitely a Baguio pride.

    And who is that "nasty" blogger sis, if I may ask?

    Lots of love,

  9. @ Golden - Hehe, all i could say is I googled "Igorot Accountant Blogger" and came to her blog. But I'm still hopeful that eventually she herself become an advocate against racism =)

  10. via http://pilipinasgottalent.net/how-to-vote/
    Names of Act : Main Voting Name / Keyword
    1. Baguio Metamorphosis : META
    2. Imusicapella :IMUS
    3. Ingrid Payaket :INGRID
    4. Hello World :HELLO
    5. Josephine Aton :JOSEPHINE
    6. Carl Malone :CARL



    Brastel Smart Phonecard Holders (via IVR):
    To vote and save a contestant: Dial 0091-2074-0011 – [Candidate No] – [No of Votes]

    Ex: To vote for [Candidate no. 21] with as many as 10 votes, dial:

    The call will be received by an automated answering service that will:
    1. Give affirmative and thank you remark if successful, or
    2. Error tones if failed.

    Tagalog customer service numbers:
    Free dial :0120-659-535
    From Mobile : 03-5637-5905

    Vote Package:
    1 vote = Y40
    5 votes = Y140
    10 votes = Y200
    30 votes = Y540

    Telecallnet Subscribers (mobile email):
    For information to vote:

    Type pgt@tctxt.jp in the To area and PGT in the message body

    To Vote:

    Type pgt@tctxt.jp in the To area
    Type (Number of votes)#(name of contestant) in the message body
    Example to Save: 10#Snap

    Vote Package:
    1 vote = Y40
    5 votes = Y140
    10 votes = Y200
    30 votes = Y540


    Etisalat Subscribers
    For more information, Text PGT to 4200
    To vote and save a contestant, text PGT (contestant name) to 4200

    Available only to Etisalat subscribers


    Go to: http://www.abs-cbn.com/pgtvoting.aspx

    1. Then, log in using your TFC Now account to be able to vote.
    2. Enter the PIN code of your vote pin
    3. Select or click on chosen contestant candidate.
    Tariffs: P25 for 10 votes
    P75 for 30 votes
    4. Then, click vote now button.

    ***To purchase PGT Voting Pins
    1. Go to: visit: http://www.digitalmartian.com/catalog
    2. Select PBB and PGT tab
    3. Then click Pilipinas Got Talent Vote Pins button

    ***All the votes corresponding to the value of the card will be given to that one candidate you have voted for***


    1. Voting for each week will open at the end of the performance show on Saturdays upon the live cue of the hosts. Voting will close the following day during the results show on Sundays upon the live cue of the hosts.

    2. The time reflected in ABS-CBN Interactive’s system shall be the official time reference. PGT votes received beyond the official cut-off time and voting period will not be counted..

    (pls vote for Baguio Metamorphosis & Ms. Ingrid Payaket)

    voting starts 8;30 pm of june 5 - 8;30 pm of june 6, 2010 ( GMT +8 )


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